Sleep Deprivation: From Birth to the 4 Month Regression

Nearly all parents will tell you that the hardest thing about having a baby is sleep deprivation. But why is it so hard for parents to sleep? And when will things finally start to improve? Newborns For the first few weeks of a baby’s life, they’re unlikely to cry the house down all night, however … Read more Sleep Deprivation: From Birth to the 4 Month Regression

Valentine’s Day with kids

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’ Day without forking out for a babysitter? You might have to spend Valentine’s Day as a family but want to keep the focus on your couple and, for once, not your kids. You might just want to enjoy it without them! Here are three different ways to … Read more Valentine’s Day with kids

Christmas is coming! Dealing with the busiest time of the year

December 2018 is finally upon us. Towns are lit up with glorious lights, Christmas trees around the country are being decorated and baubles are being moved around by mischievous little hands. While this may be the most wonderful time of the year for some, it can also be the most stressful. I’m going to give … Read more Christmas is coming! Dealing with the busiest time of the year

Top tips for baby’s first holiday

It’s finally summer! You’ve been getting excited about this holiday since you booked it months ago, and you’re now into the final countdown. But suddenly, it dawns on you that this is going to be the same as most holidays. You’ve chosen somewhere baby-friendly and thought I was that simple, but now you’re thinking about … Read more Top tips for baby’s first holiday

Product of the month July 2018

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam SterilizerThere are so many things I could say about Philips Avent’s microwave steam sterilizer, but to sum it up in one simple word I would say PRACTICAL! There are so many sterilizers to choose from, and I have seen some wonderful, more technically advanced products, but this one prioritizes simplicity and convenience, which is perfect for any parent.

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Product of the month June 2018

I figured there has to be a reason that this car seat is always among the highest rated car seats. I read review after review praising the Chicco KeyFit 30, so I bought it without hesitation before my baby was born. Upon reading further reviews, it seemed that some babies still didn’t like the Key Fit, and I started to worry. Once my baby arrived my worries evaporated immediately, and I finally understand why this is consistently one of the top car seats. I know what you’re thinking, what on earth makes this car seat so special?

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Parenting around the world: Scandinavia

Scandinavia norwayScandinavia is a group of countries in Northern Europe which consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (not to be confused with Nordic countries which also include Finland and Iceland). Parenting styles differ around the world, and while there are many similarities in parenting methods, what makes parenting in Scandinavia different?  

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