Book recommendations

Some people read up on parenting when they’re pregnant, and other people just love a good book! It doesn’t matter if you’re a daily reader or an information-seeker, most people need book ideas and recommendations. Here I’m going to give you ideas that either I or other parents ave recommended. They might be pregnancy information, birthing guides, newborn survival guides or maybe just books abot life in general! If you have anything to input then don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me  message, as I’m always looking for new recommendations and am keen to share your ideas too.

Welcome to the Kiddie-Stuff parents’ bookclub!

Birth and Newborns


I wrote a blogpost about French parenting where I talked about the differences between the way we raise children in the US compared to in France, based on my experience there. After hearing about my article someone recommended this book to me about French parenting and it sums up my whole experience in France. Pamela Druckerman is an amazing writer and I relate to everything she says about French moms and children. Her book is called Bringing up Bebe.


French health, recipes and lifestyle:
French women don’t get fat


If you just want a light and easy read, A Year in the Merde talks about the daily struggles of an English man living in paris. This novel by Stephen Clarke is hilarious and incredibly accurate. The way the author describes the Parisian people and lifestyle is spot on, and if you’ve ever experienced Parisians or even the french in general you can’t help but laugh out loud.



Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the authors or publishing companies involved with the books mentioned in this article, I just read them, related to them and loved them.