Baby Nest Review

Baby Nest Review

If you’re expecting a baby you have surely seen the number one selling brand of Baby Nest, the Sleepyhead Deluxe, and if you’ve looked into getting one you’ve also noticed the HUGE price tag that comes with it! 

When I found out I was expecting Saskia I knew I wanted a baby nest for her but I wasn’t willing to pay such a large amount for the Sleepyhead as I wasn’t sure how much she would use it. I did some research into cheaper alternatives and came across Lajlo and their beautiful collection of patterned nests on their site. Lajlo was not only a cheaper version of sleepyhead, there were so many of their designs that I loved. I decided on the ‘dandelion baby nest’, a pale pink and white dandelion design on one side which is also reversible and on the other side a lovely pale grey. Here you can see all of the other gorgeous patterns available.

I decided to go for the 5 elements set which comes with the nest, nest mattress, butterfly cushion, flat pillow and blanket. Click on the image to learn more about the full set.

I have used the nest since birth and the website states it can be used up to 2 years. Many people use their sleepyhead in cot and on their bed providing a portable bed or resting area for the baby, the lightweight design making it easy to move around the home. I haven’t personally put the sleepyhead in Moses basket as I chose to have a rocking crib instead which the Lajlo fit well in, but if your Moses basket was big enough this would be an option too.

12 week old baby in cheaper sleepyhead nest laljo
3 months on and she still loves her nest

There is a lot of debate around “is sleepyhead safe?” The Lajlo brand say their nest is, like most, suitable for “supervised sleeping”, and as always, you should take precautions when your baby is alseep to avoids risk of suffocation. I found it was a safe and secure way for my baby to sleep and rest and she loves it.

The nest is a soft 100% cotton cover and is fully washable at 40 degrees, which is a must for any baby items. The Lajlo uses only OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics and fillers to guarantee a toxic-free, anti allergic environment for your little one. 

There are many sleepyhead grand reviews but less for Lajlo nest reviews. If you are looking for a baby nest pod on a budget then I would highly recommend Lajlo, the best baby nest in my opinion, a beautifully designed and well made product for your baby.

Disclaimer: All KiddieStuff content is based personal experience. when using new products for babies and small children, always read the instructions and when in doubt seek professional medical advice.


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