Double Pushchairs

Are you expecting twins or do you have more than one small child that needs a pushchair to rest their little legs? You obviously need a double buggy. Double pushchairs are great for multi-child households if you need to dash out of the house and know your children won’t walk far, or will walk slowly. Having a pushchair that fits children of different ages is a great solution to get things done quickly. There are two types of double pushchairs; the side-by-side pushchair, which is the most common, with seats next to each other, and the inline pushchair, also known as a tandem pushchair, where one child is in front of the other. Side-by-side buggies often have two seats with exactly the same qualities and functions, while inline pushchairs often have two seats with different functions. The disadvantage is that they’re often big and bulky and are hard to lug around, that’s why we’ve compared several brands and styles to find out what real parents like best, for convenience, style and comfort.


The Duet V3 from Mountain Buggy literally takes you from the mountains to the city streets. You can use these versatile wheels anywhere you go with easy manoeuvrability. There’s a control brake for slowing down which is hand-operated and is featured on the handle bar. The full sized seats can be used up to around 4 years old, but can also be used form birth due to their recline position to flat (although I would highly recommend an infant-insert). You can buy a newborn-specific carrycot and other accessories to adapt this pushchair to your needs if you prefer. It is small in size, no bigger than most standard size, single-child pushchairs, so fits easily through doorways and tight spaces. It folds one handed and when folded it is compact and stand by itself, with an automatic frame lock so that it doesn’t unfold. There is a baby bumper bar, a footrest for bigger kids, a storage basket and a parent cup/bottle holder. The handle bar height can be altered to suit most parents. This pushchair has many  amazing qualities and can be used for a very long time thanks to its durability and high quality materials. I personally love the one-handed brake system, and other parents have praised the air-filled tires, and the versatility of being able to use it with a carriage or car seats, and they think it is great for both twins and siblings.

Joovy have created a side-by-side twin pushchair called the ScooterX2, with a 90lbs capacity, which is small enough to fit through standard-sized doors. The seats recline independently to completely flat with a one-hand recline mechanism. There is an integrated parent organiser with 2 zippered pockets and 2 drink holders. There is also a huge storage basket and a full-protection canopy. The sealed bearing wheels allows easy steering and movement and linked rear brakes maximize safety. The double front wheels are for better stability when pushing 2 children at once. This pushchair folds with one hand. The graphite frame is available in 5 colors. There is a removable bumper bar and each child has a 5-point safety harness for a secure ride. Seats and canopy are made of 600D nylon so they are durable and won’t suffer from wear and tear. This pushchair is suitable form 3 months and can’t be used with a car seat. Joovy tend to make good quality products at a low cost, and this pushchair is no exception.


This Graco double pushchair called Ready 2 Grow is one of the best double pushchairs for siblings, in my opinion, because it gives each child exactly what they need. There aren’t two identical seats which children of all sizes are expected to fit into, there’s an enormous range of options available. You can use it for twins from infancy, using the Graco Click Connect car seat, and as they grow into babies and later, as small children. There is also the option for one infant and one baby or child, the baby always sin rear-facing position so that the parent can keep an eye on their little one, and the sibling can be forward or rear facing. There are so many combinations to choose from, in fact this double pushchair is great because it has a huge 12 riding positions, so you’ll find something perfect for your children that you can continue to use as the grow. The front seat, bench seat and standing platform for older children can hold a child up to 50lbs while the rear sear holds up to 40lbs. The rear seat faces the parents which allows you to interact with your baby while you walk, to encourage communication and bonding. You can later remove this seat to access the bench and the standing platform for bigger kids who want to ride along with their younger sibling. The front seat has multi-position recline and lies almost flat, in order to find the most comfortable position for your child. The front wheels are swivel wheels for the ultimate manoeuvrability but can be locked, and have suspension for a smooth ride. The Ready 2 Grow pushchair folds easily without bending over, but is quite large so you may need to remove the canopy and tray in order to fit it in a small car trunk. There is a large storage basket under the seat to store all the important bits and bobs that parents need. I think the best thing about this double pushchair is the longevity, as you can keep the same pushchair for years and years without the quality deteriorating. It’s extremely cheap for everything that it offers, and therefore a great value for money pushchair, the only downsides being that it is still a bulky pushchair that is hard to navigate through small spaces, and doesn’t have all-terrain wheels.

Similarly, the Graco Room for 2 pushchair uses the Graco car seat and has a similar design to the Ready 2 Grow, but without the removable baby seat. This means there is room for one child plus the car seat, or one child in the pushchair and one standing on the platform or sitting on the padded bench.

This side by side twin pushchair by Baby Jogger is ideal for city life with twins or 2 siblings due to it’s small frame. The front wheels have suspension to absorb shock when walking over bumps in the road, and the seats are padded for extra comfort. This pushchair fits through a standard size doorway, so you won’t lose time finding alternative entrances, you don’t have to take detours just because you have two children in tow. This pushchair is easy to push and steer with one hand and is a little lighter than its competitors at 28lbs. The seats recline to flat and have vents for better ventilation. The retractable canopy UV 50+  protects your babies form the sun’s harsh rays, and has a peep hole for you to keep an eye on them. You can buy separate seat adapters to use a car seat with the pushchair for new born babies, to use as a double travel system. You can also buy a parent tray, children’s trays, rain cover and a carry bag to accessorize your pushchair. There is a rear parking brake as well as 5-points safety harnesses with shoulder pads and buckle covers for the maximum level of safety for your babies. There is a storage basket under the seat, although some parents said it wasn’t very big, but there are also compartments on the back of both the seats for extra storage and easy access. This pushchair uses quick fold technology and has a removable auto lock to keep the pushchair closed when it’s folded. The City Mini double pushchair has a maximum weight capacity of 100lbs. Parents love that this is a super small double buggy yet can hold their children as they get bigger, and feels light even with two children inside.


The Joovy Caboose is a super-lightweight pushchair for baby and older sibling. Your big boy or big girl can choose to sit or stand, facing forward or backward, and there is a small canopy when seated. There is a universal car seat adapter meaning that when you have a newborn you can use any car seat to adapt this pushchair into a travel system. Newborn will be facing you so that you can constantly keep an eye on both children while walking. The Caboose has a lightweight aluminium frame and is narrow and small to fit through tight spaces, at just 22lbs it doesn’t feel like a bulky multi-child pushchair. A neoprene parent organiser is provided, which includes two cup holders and pockets, the car seat adapter is provided as well. This pushchair has a huge canopy to protect your little one from the sun and wind, and folds into a compact size for easy transportation. The sealed ball bearing wheels have 4 wheels suspension for a smooth ride and easy manoeuvrability, and there are linked rear parking brakes for extra security while parked. There is a storage basket underneath. It holds up to 90lbs and is available in black, grey, red, blue and yellow.


The Chicco Bravo for 2 pushchair is for parents who have a small child and a baby on the way! Older brothers and sisters can sit on the padded bench or ride on the back, with a backrest and easy-grip handles for comfort and safety, while the infant or baby sits in the baby seat or a Chicco KeyFit car seat which can be attached for infants. There is a three point harness for the older child and a 5-point harness for the baby in the front. The pushchair has a removable tray cup-holder tray and an extendable and removable canopy for sun protection. There is a parent tray with a zip pocket for your valuables and a small child-sized pocket. The BravoFor2 is simple to use and folds one-handed for a quick and easy fold, and once folded is small and compact. There is a carry handle and the buggy stands alone when folded, for really simple transportation. There is full suspension and swivel wheels with a one-touch brake system. If you already have a Chicco car seat then this pushchair is perfect for your growing family, so that big brother or big sister can ride along with you and your new baby in the big girl/big boy seat. The design is modern and stylish, and the only criticism would be that the cup holders aren’t very deep, but I don’t think this a make or break problem. This pushchair is great for two children of different ages, so that you don’t have to buy a twin pushchair which isn’t as adapted to both baby and child.