New Toy – Baby Walker

My daughter is almost 5 months old and she’s a little fidgeter! Previously she was quite satisfied lying on her mat and kicking her feet, but recently she’s start grabbing and hitting the toys in the baby gym. It’s great practice for her co-ordination, but she quickly gets frustrated when she can’t hold on to things for long, or guide them to her mouth. She’s started trying to push up onto her legs when being held, and her little legs are so strong now. I decided she should have a walker or bouncer toy that she can sit in but in a ‘standing’ position, to keep her stimulated when she isn’t being held.

I didn’t want to pay a fortune because this kind of toy isn’t used for long – in a few months she’ll be crawling, and a few months after that she’ll be walking and won’t need it anymore.

I found a few reasonably priced things but this is by far the best reviewed baby walker I found online. Like most things in my house, it’s pink, which is perfect, but I’ll let you know what we think of it as time goes on…

I can’t wait to see if Saskia likes it!

20 weeks old:

Saskia has slowly been warming up to her fun new walker. As wth most new things, sheee doesn’t like to be in it for too long. She’s also not able to sit up completeely unassisted so she needs propping up to stay in a comfortable position. She can hit the buttons to play music, but the other accessories are a bit too complex for now. Her little legs don’t touch the floor yet so we’re not using it as a walker, per se. That said, it’s certainly good for her to change positions and not be constantly lying down on the floor or in her baby boucer, so I think she’s going to be using it quite lot.


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