Keeping a baby occupied is a never-ending task. During every hour tat your baby is awake you will be feeding, changing or otherwise caring for your baby. This includes cuddles, reading stories and playing with them. Play time isn’t just for fun- it’s very important for your baby’s development as baby toys are designed to improve your baby’s sensory and motor skills.

As a parent, it’s nice to have a few minutes to yourself, whether it be to shower, to prepare a meal or simply to go to the bathroom! But we can’t just leave our babies to fend for themselves. That’s where swings, rockers, bouncers ad baby seats come in. There’s incredibly useful because they keep your baby entertained in order for you to complete your tasks. You may want to put your baby in their crib, but if you know your baby isn’t going to sleep then I wouldn’t recommend putting them down in their crib as they will no longer associate it with sleep. They will get bored easily and are more likely to cry, whereas a swig or bouncer – made to stimulate – will keep them busy and happy.

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