Product of the month May 2018

The product of the month for May 2018 is the Comotomo baby bottle! I’ll be honest, I saw this bottle and saw that many, many parents were raving about it, and it just didn’t tempt me. It looked too wide and bulky and simply didn’t appeal to me aesthetically. I tried it simply to see what the hype was about, and boy am I glad I did! What makes it so great?

Well, it’s made of silicone so it’s supple and when you baby starts to hold it by him or herself, they will have a better grip, it’s squeezable and both the suppleness and also the texture feel more like skin than hard plastic bottles. Whether you find the wide neck attractive or not, you won’t care when you start to use it, because it makes life as a parent so much easier! It’s so easy to clean, you can get your hand right inside it so you don’t need finicky, awkward bottle brushes, and if yo use formula there’s no risk of spilling it everywhere, especially during late-night feeds when you’re half asleep, you’ll be glad to have such a wide neck. There are 2 air vents to prevent colic, burping and gas, and the wide mound and natural shaped nipple encourage your baby to latch, to ensure a smooth transition from breast to bottle. The bottles don’t leak and are heat-resistant so you can pop them in the dishwasher, microwave and in boiling water without worrying. The 5oz bottles come with the slowest flowing nipples, suitable for newborns, but you can use any of the Comotomo nipples with these bottles, meaning you can switch to medium, fast flow or variable flow when you think your baby is ready. Parents have said that even bottle-hating, breastfed babies latched onto the Comotomo without much fuss! For me personally, this is the best baby bottle I have ever used. It’s available in 5 or 8 ounces and in pink or green.

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