Out and About

Strollers and car seats are two different things: one allows you to walk around without carrying the weight of your baby, and the other is used in vehicles to protect your baby in the unfortunate case of a traffic collision. So why are they in the same category? Because nowadays, people are trying to find ways to simplify our lives. Taking a big stroller and a bulky car seat out with you every time you leave the house isn’t easy and is’t practical. So more and more people use travel systems to get around: a stroller with an infant carrier with attaches and detaches to the frame of the stroller, to carry your baby around and most importantly, to use as a car seat.

Of course,this isn’t the only option, there are convertible car seats, harness booster seats and when your child is older, a simple booster seat too. Similarly, there are many kinds of strollers, like carriages and basic frames too. Here we’re going to show you the different kinds, and show you our favorite makes and models. In line with simplifying your life; we compare them so that you don’t have to!