Valentine’s Day with kids

Valentine’s Day with kids

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’ Day without forking out for a babysitter? You might have to spend Valentine’s Day as a family but want to keep the focus on your couple and, for once, not your kids. You might just want to enjoy it without them! Here are three different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, without getting a babysitter.

1. Get your kids involved, but not too much

Your kids don’t have to ruin your romantic night. You can get them to help by bringing you food and drink and showing them the fun side so that you’re not actually using them as servants. Make it a game, where they have to act like waiters. They could eat before you and once the food is served or once they’re bored, you can leave them to play or watch a film on their own.

2. Celebrate with them

If you want to include your children in your Valentine’s Day celebrations, teach them what it’s about; love, relationships, marriage etc. and let them join in. I would NOT recommend taking them out to a restaurant, because the last thing anybody wants during their romantic and probably very expensive Valentine’s meal is children making noise. Imagine there’s a young man with a ring in his pocket, trying to pluck up the courage to get down on one knee; he’s already sweating and anxious and now your toddler is crying, he’ll have a nervous breakdown! Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring, you just have to make sure it’s different a normal family dinner. If mummy usually cooks, maybe daddy should tonight (or vice versa). The kids can get dressed up and help one of you to cook food for the other go and buy a card or gift with you, and even make their own Valentine’s Day card for mummy or daddy. You might not get the most romantic night ever, but you can still enjoy a candlelit dinner with romantic music, simply by teaching your kids what it means and that its a special occasion. Similarly, you could start the day by preparing breakfast with them and taking breakfast in bed to your spouse, or another kind gesture at any time of day the important thing is teaching them about love and treating someone you love.

3. Child-free Valentines Day

Your parents are busy, you couldn’t afford a babysitter, and now you’re stuck at home with the kids on Valentine’s Day. Who cares? Pretend they’re not there! This doesn’t mean you have to neglect your children, of course. You can put them to bed as usual, and start your night later on. Hopefully your kids will sleep through the night, you can check on them, and if there’s a problem you can deal with it in their bedroom, so that you don’t show your child that you’re doing anything special downstairs, which might make them jealous or deliberately cause a fuss. Once the little one is back in bed, you can return to your romantic evening.

Helpful hint: do something athletic during the day. Go to a park or do an activity where they can use up lots of energy, and then give them a bath before bed to encourage a long, deep-sleep! Getting them to bed a little bit earlier gives the grown ups a little bit longer to enjoy themselves and still get a good night’s sleep before work the next day. If your children are old enough to understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day, you can explain to them that they have to go to bed a little bit earlier and can read in their bedroom before they go to sleep, but they mustn’t disturb you.


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